Accepted papers

FitAware: Mediating Group Fitness Strategies with Smartwatch Glanceable Feedback
Andrey Esakia, D. Scott McCrickard, Michael Horning and Samantha Harden


Scoping the Design Space for Data Supported Decision-Making Tools in Respiratory Care: Needs, Barriers and Future Aspirations
Helena Tendedez, Roisin Mcnaney, Maria Angela Ferrario and Jon Whittle


Telephone-based Dementia Screening I: Automated Semantic Verbal Fluency Assessment
Johannes Tröger, Nicklas Linz, Alexandra König, Philippe Robert and Jan Alexandersson


Automated Timed Up and Go Test for functional decline assessment of older adults
Martin Kampel, Stefan Doppelbauer and Rainer Planinc


Towards an Integrated Platform for Community-based Maternity Health Workers
Beenish Chaudhry, Louis Faust and Nitesh Chawla


Understanding Challenges in Prehabilitation for Patients with Multiple Chronic Conditions
Haining Zhu, Zachary Moffa, Xiying Wang, Saeed Abdullah, Juxihong Julaiti and John Carroll


Breathe Deep: A Breath-Sensitive Interactive Meditation Coach
Ameneh Shamekhi and Timothy Bickmore


Breath Booster! Exploring In-Car, Fast-Paced Breathing Interventions to Enhance Driver Arousal State
Stephanie Balters, Elizabeth Murnane, Landay James and Pablo Paredes


Supporting Effective Sharing of Health Information among Intergenerational Family Members
Jomara Binda, Chien Wen Yuan, Natalie Cope, Hailey Park, Eun Kyoung Choe and John M. Carroll


Designing Digital Goal Support Systems for Multimorbidity Self-Management – Insights from Older Adults and their Care Network
Julie Doyle, Emma Murphy, Caoimhe Hannigan, Suzanne Smith, Joao Bettencourt-Silva and John Dinsmore


HoloCPR: Designing and Evaluating a Mixed Reality Interface for Time-Critical Emergencies
Janet Johnson, Danilo Gasques Rodrigues, Madhuri Gubbala and Nadir Weibel


Stroke-Associated Hemiparesis Detection Using Body Joints and Support Vector Machines
Vish Ramesh, Kunal Agrawal, Brett Meyer, Gert Cauwenberghs and Nadir Weibel


Cross-modal recurrent models for weight objective prediction from multimodal time-series data
Petar Veličković, Laurynas Karazija, Nicholas D. Lane, Sourav Bhattacharya, Edgar Liberis, Pietro Liò, Angela Chieh, Otmane Bellahsen and Matthieu Vegreville


Bounce: Designing a Physical Activity Intervention for Breast Cancer Survivors
Gabriela Marcu, Anjali Misra, Karina Caro, Meghan Plank, Amy Leader and Andrea Barsevick


New to a Country: Barriers for International Students to Access Health Services and Opportunities for Design
Charlotte Tang, Xinning Gui, Yunan Chen and Mohamed Magueramane


Research and Design Considerations for Speech-Based Automatic Activity Recognition during Complex Medical Teamwork
Swathi Jagannath, Aleksandra Sarcevic and Ivan Marsic


Designing Health and Fitness Apps with Older Adults: Examining the Value of Experience-Based Co-Design
Christina Harrington, Lauren Wilcox, Kay Connelly and Wendy Rogers


Designing pervasive technology for physical activity self-management in arthritis patients
Ankit Gupta, Tim Heng, Linda Li, Chris Shaw and Lynne Feehan


Enhancing physical activity through context-aware coaching
Saskia Van Dantzig, Murtaza Bulut, Martijn Krans, Anouk van der Lans and Boris De Ruyter


Design and Evaluation of Two Robotic Furnishings Partnering with Each Other and Their Users to Enable Independent Living
Phanideep Gonthina, Siddharth Verma, Dixit Nahar, Yixiao Wang, Carlos Araujo de Aguiar, Johnell Brooks, Ian Walker and Keith Green


Understanding the Effect of Existing Positive Relationships on a Social Motion-based Game for Health
Karina Caro, Yuanyuan Feng, Timothy Day, Evan Freed, Boyd Fox and Jichen Zhu


The Safety Net of Aging in Place: Understanding How Older Adults Construct, Develop, and Maintain Their Social Circles
Xiying Wang, Tiffany Knearem, Fanlu Gui, Srishti Gupta, Haining Zhu, Michael Williams and John Carroll


A Step towards Identifying the Sound Preferences of Children with Autism
Franceli L. Cibrian, Jose Mercado, Monica Tentori and Lizbeth Escobedo


A Novel Depth Image Analysis Method to Calculate the Anterior Reach of the Modified Star Excursion Balance Test
Anup Mishra, Marjorie Skubic, Brad Willis, Trent Guess, Aaron Gray and Seth Sherman


Predicting Imminent Aggression Onset in Minimally-Verbal Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder Using Preceding Physiological Signals
Matthew S Goodwin, Ozan Ozdenizci, Catalina Cumpanasoiu, Peng Tian, Yuan Guo, Amy Stedman, Christine Peura, Carla Mazefsky, Matthew Siegel, Deniz Erdogmus and Stratis Ioannidis