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10th EAI International Conference on Pervasive Computing Technologies for Healthcare

May 16–19, 2016 | Cancun, Mexico



Defining affective Identities in elderly Nursing Home residents for the design of an emotionally intelligent cognitive assistant
  • König, Alexandra
  • Aarti Malhotra, Aarti
  • Hoey, Jesse
  • Francis, Linda, E.
Theory Based Approach to Design Mobile Apps for Behavior Change in Disease Prevention
  • Bodendorf, Freimut
Personalized Multimodal Computer Interfaces For The Motor Impaired
  • Weibel, Nadir
  • Erhart, Matthew
  • Nguyen, Angie 
  • Shivaswamy, Ruchika 
  • Anderson, Brian 
  • Colleen, Emmenegger 
Measuring the Frailty Index of Multiple Myeloma Cancer Patients
  • Corradini, Andrea
  • Hansen, Martin, Bøgelund 
  • Savic, Toma 
Personal ICT Ecosystem to Promote Habits that Improve Sleep Quality
  • Laflor, Hernandez, Arturo Jesus
  • Vazquez Briseño, Mabel
Forget Me Not: An Ambient Display to Increase Communication Between Partners by Enabling Feeling Expression and Increasing Awareness
  • Alshehri, Majdah
  • Shanthagiri, Vinay 
  • Connelly, Kay 
Looking for the Unusual: How Older Adults Utilize Self-Tracking Techniques for Health Management
  • Caldeira, Clara
  • Bietz, Matthew 
  • Chen, Yunan 
Supporting Awareness of Pointing Behavior among Diverse Groups
  • Martin-Hammond, Aqueasha
  • Ali, Abduallah 
  • Means, Casey
  • Hornback, Catherine 
  • Hurst, Amy 
Data Quality Oriented Efficacy Evaluation Method for Ambient Assisted Living Technologies
  • Wagner, Stefan
  • Beevi, Femina Hassan Aysha 
  • Pedersen, Christian, Fischer 
  • Hallerstede, Stefan 
A Musical Interactive Surface to Support the Multi-Sensory Stimulation of Children
  • Cibrian, Franceli, L
  • Tentori, Monica
  • Weibel, Nadir 
Using Spatio-Temporal Data from Trail-Making Tests to Assess Neglect
  • Knoche, Hendrik
  • Hald, Kasper
Understanding Informal Caregiver Needs for Coordinating Care to Support Aging in Place
  • Singh, Portia, E
  • Patel, Payaal 
  • Lee, Matthew, L
  • Milosevic, Mladen 
Go-with-the-flow: A Smartphone App for Realtime Tracking and Sonification of Physical Activity in CP
  • Newbold, Joseph
  • Singh, Aneesha
  • Nadia, Bianchi-Berthouze
Hipperbox: A portable toolbox for rehabilitation from a hip surgery using sensors
  • Nait Aicha, Ahmed
  • Haitjema, Sven
  • Wiggers, Pascal