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Weather, banquet and optional social programme

You will arrive in Tampere in the coldest time of the year. Although outside it may be down to -30 degrees Celsius, inside you do not need to be worried, as Finnish buildings are well insulated and heated. And if you really are missing higher temperatures, you may go and try the sauna, where it may be up to 100 degrees Celsius. The conference venue is an excellent place for this, as they offer a spa and saunas.

While -30 degrees is possible, it is more likely to be around -10. This temperature should not be a problem for anyone, as long as you take care of your clothing. Outside you may want to wear a winter coat, or if you dont own one a wind-stopper with an extra (woollen) jersey will probably do the job as well. Under your trousers you can use long johns (pyjamas is another option), or stockings under your dress. As a significant amount of body heat is lost through the head, a hat or cap is very important as well. Gloves help to keep your hands warm. For shoes you might want to forget the local fashion and take some proper boots (e.g. for hiking) to walk outside. This is not only important to keep your feet warm, but also to give you a better grip on the sometimes slippery sidewalks. In general the rule to cope with lower temperatures is to add layers of clothing until you are no longer cold and to avoid exposing bare skin (your face will usually manage, if you are very sensitive, use some waterless cream).

The above paragraph is not meant to scare you, but to provide you with some advice. If you intend to stay inside all the time and only travel by taxi, you might manage with less clothes. Cars and busses are heated, but waiting outside may be rather cold. Another reason for the above instructions is the planned social programme before the banquet:

On Thursday between 18:00 and 20:00 hours before the banquet the conference organisation offers the possibility to try snow-shoe walking (complimentary). The banquet location is in walking distance from the conference venue, but the shortest way is across the lake. We intend to walk there using the snow-shoes. There will be two departures with a guide, details will be provided later. Unfortunately the weather this year has been exceptionally warm, which means that we might have to look for alternative routes over land. In any case also bus transport will be arranged to and from the banquet location. Note that the snow ''shoe'' are strapped under your normal shoes, so that proper shoes will be needed for this as well. We will try to provide some boots for those who dont have their own, but availability will be limited

As proper clothing is necessary for the snow-shoe walking and the banquet will be immediately following this event, the dress code for the banquet is ''casual and sufficiently warm''. The banquet is organised in the ''Nasineula'' tower, which you can also see in the background of the Tampere picture on the website. Nasineula is a high tower in the Sarkanniemi amusement park (attractions mainly open in the summer time). The restaurant is slowly rotating and offers a great view on Tampere and the lakes in the surroundings.

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Weather, banquet and optional social programme
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