Preliminary Program



Wednesday 30          


8.30     Opening        

Niilo Saranummi


8.40     Keynote Speech

The application of ICT in Healthcare: Benefits, Challenges and further Opportunities         

Loukianos Gatzoulis


9.40     Break 


10,00   Session 1: Sensor networks in/for pervasive healthcare

            Session Chair: Oscar Mayora     

  • Activity and Emotion Recognition in the P-cube Framework to Support Early Diagnosis of Psychiatric Diseases        

David Tacconi, Oscar Mayora , Paul Lukowicz , Bert Arnrich, Cornelia Setz, Gerhard Troester and Christian Haring

  • Advanced Patient or Elder Fall Detection based on Movement and Sound Data

Charalampos Doukas, Ilias Maglogiannis

  • A Novel Indoor Wayfinding System Based on Passive RFID for Individuals with Cognitive Impairments

Yao-Jen Chang, Chien-Nien Chen, Li-Der Cho, Tsen-Yung Wang

  • An Open and Reconfigurable Wireless Sensor Network for Pervasive Health Monitoring

A. Triantafyllidis, V. Koutkias, I. Chouvarda and N. Maglaveras

  • Monitoring Medicine Intake in the Networked Home: The iCabiNET Solution

Martin Lopez-Nores , Jose Pazos-Arias , Jorge Garcia-Duque , Yolanda Blanco-Fernandez


11.40   Lunch


13,00   Session 2: Pervasive healthcare for health professionals & privacy & trust issues

Session Chair: Rajarajan Muttukrishnan  

  • Using Eye Contact and Contextual Speech Recognition for Hands-Free Surgical Charting

Julian Lepinski, Roel Vertegaal 

  • HDGPortal: A Grid Portal Application for Pervasive Access to Process-Based Healthcare Systems

Vassiliki Koufi, George Vassilacopoulos

  • Patient’s privacy protection with anonymous access to medical services

Dasun Weerasinghe, Kalid Elmufti, Muttukrishnan Rajarajan, Veselin Rakocevic

  • Multi-domain and Privacy-aware Role Based Access Control in eHealth

Qun Ni, Lorenzo Martino, Dan Lin, Elisa Bertino

  • Integrity Checker for Wireless Sensor Networks in Health Care Applications

Tanya GRoosta , Shankar Sastry , Annarita Giani


14.40   Break 




15.00   Session 3: Ambient Assisted Living and clinical applications

            Session Chair: Mahmoud Ghorbel                      

  • Assistive housing: case study in a residence for elderly people

Ghorbel Mahmed, Farah Arab, Mounir Mokhtari

  • Visualization of Turkish for Autistic and Mentally Retarded Children

Yilmaz Kilicaslan, Ozlem Ucar, Erdem Ucar, Edip Serdar Guner

  • Human Tracking Using Near Field Imaging

Henry Rimminen, Matti Linnavuo, Raimo Sepponen

  • Fuzzy Pain Demand Index from an i-Pain System for Assessment of Postoperative Pain via Patient-Controlled Analgesia Using A Multilayer Hierarchical Structure

Jiann-Shing Shieh, Chun-Yi Dai, Yeong-Ray Wen, Shin Kong Wu Ho-Su, Wei-Zen Sun

  • Design Guidelines of a Context-Aware Notification System for Nursing

Masakazu Miyamae , Futoshi Naya , Tomoji Toriyama , Kanai-Pak Masako , Kiyoshi Kogure


17.00   Poster session 1 (60 mins) 


Thursday 31              


8.30     Keynote Speech 2

Is 'Pervasive Healthcare' old wine on a new bottle - or is it a real, but emerging, research discipline?

Jakob Bardram


9.30     Break 


10.00   Session 4: User needs and applications for pervasive healthcare

            Session Chair: Jakob Bardram              

  • IT in home health care - a case study

Stina Nylander, Niklas Hardenborg

  • User Acceptance of Pervasive Computing in Healthcare: Main Findings from two Case Studies

Hannah Kosow, Mandy Scheermesser, Asarnusch Rashid, Carsten Holtmann

  • Using NFC to Support and Encourage Green Exercise

Paul Coulton, Omer Rashid, William Bird

  • Encouraging Physical Activity in Teens: can technology help reduce barriers to physical activity in adolescent girls?

Tammy Toscos, Kay Connelly

  • HyperFit: Hybrid Media in Personal Nutrition and Exercise Management

Paula Jarvinen


11.40   Lunch


13.00   Session 5: Chronic disease management and mobile technologies

            Session Chair: Jaakko Lähteenmäki                  

  • A Pervasive Telemedicine System Exploiting the DVB-T Technology

Danilo Pani , Luigi Raffo , Gianmarco Angius , Stefano Seruis , Paolo Randaccio

  • Ambulatory monitor derived clinical measures for continuous assessment of cardiac rehabilitation patients in a community care model

Niranjan Bidargaddi, Antii Sarela

  • Augmenting Informal Collaboration in Hospitals through Pervasive Computing

David AMejia , Jesus Favela , Alberto L. Moran

  • RFID and NFC in Healthcare: Safety of Hospitals Medication Care

Antti Lahtela, Marko Hassinen, Virpi JylhĂ

  • Multipurpose mobile platform for telemedicine applications

Timo Laakko , Juha Leppänen , Jaakko Lähteenmäki , Antti Nummiaho


14.40   Break 


15.00   Session 6: Wearable, ambient and home based technologies I           

            Session Chair: Pallavi Kaushik  

  • Observations from a Case Study on User Adaptive Reminders for Medication Adherence

Pallavi Kaushik, Stephen Intille, Kent Larson

  • Validation of a Wireless Portable Biofeedback System for Balance Control: Preliminary Results

Laura Rocchi, Marco Benocci, Elisabetta Farella, Luca Benini, Lorenzo Chiari

  • ADL Recognition Based on the Combination of RFID and Accelerometer Sensing

Maja Stikic, Tâm Huynh, Kristof Van Laerhoven, Bernt Schiele

  • A Support System for Context Awareness in a Group Home using Sound Cues

Hideaki Kanai, Toyohisa Nakada, Yusuke Hanba, Susumu Kunifuji

  • A Vital Wearing System with Wireless Capability

Mu Huo Cheng, Chang Ming Yang

  • Towards Wearable Capacitive Sensing of Physiological Parameters

Jingyuan Cheng, Paul Lukowicz


17.00   Poster session 2 (60 mins) 


19.30   Conference dinner & best papers awards          



Friday 1         


8.30     Industrial panel: How to turn good research into business --> Experiences, obstacles, opportunities


10.30   Break 


11.00   Session 7: Wearable, ambient and home based technologies II

            Session Chair: Pending             

  • Capacitive Insole Sensor for Hip Surgery Rehabilitation

Timo Salpavaara, Jarmo Verho, Jukka Lekkala

  • Effect of movements on the electro-dermal response after a startle event

Johannes Schumm, Marc Bächlin, Daniel Roggen, Bert Arnrich, Cornelia Setz, Gerhard Troester 

  • Electrode position optimization for facial EMG measurements for human-computer interface

Niina Nöjd, Markus Hannula, Jari Hyttinen 

  • Approximating Heart Rate Variability

Jen-Liang Cheng, Jin-Ren Jeng, Jiunn-Horng Lee, Zhu-Hsuan Lin


12.20   Conference Closing

Niilo Saranummi

Poster Session 1


  • A Software Architecture and Data Model for Community-Based Healthcare Environments

Antti Sarela, Niranjan Bidargaddi, Mohan Karunanithi

  • Supporting the Living of the Elderly with Semantic Collaborative HealthCare           

Haipeng Wang, Xingshe Zhou, Zhu Wang

  • A model for controlling data flow in distributed healthcare environments.     

Jatinder Singh , Luis Vargas , Jean Bacon

  • Personalizing Situated Workflows for Pervasive Healthcare Applications    

Giovanni Russello, Changyu Dong, Naranker Dulay

  • Impacts of RF Radiation on the Human Body in a Passive Wireless Healthcare Environment           

Darmindra Darumugam, Daniel Engels), Ananyaa Gautham, Gaurov Narayanaswamy

  • Automatic Self-Calibration of Body Worn Triaxial-Accelerometers for Application in Healthcare        

Matthias Gietzelt , Klaus-Hendrik Wolf , Michael Marschollek , Reinhold Haux

  • Monitoring Behavioral Patterns in Hospitals through Activity-Aware Computing       

Monica Tentori , Jesus Favela

  • An Application of Long-term Electromyogram Recording for the Detection of Work-related Fatigue   

Vladimir Villaseñor Herrera

  • Two portable leng-term measurement devices for ECG and bioimpedance  

Timo Vuorela, Ville-Pekka SeppĂ, Jukka Vanhala, Jari Hyttinen

  • Concept and Realisation of an implantable EMG and motion measuring device       

Stefan Weber, Tim Lueth

  • HipGuard: A Wearable Measurement System for Patients Recovering from a Hip Operation 

Pekka Iso-Ketola, Tapio Karinsalo, Jukka Vanhala



Poster Session 2


  • Document-based service architecture for communication between health and wellness service providers and customers           

Jaakko Lähteenmäki, Hannu Kaijanranta, Juha LeppĂnen

  • Tagging for Nursing Care

José Bravo, Ramon Hervas, Carmen Fuentes, Salvador Nava, Gabriel Chavira

  • Reliable Multimedia Transmission in Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks for Telehealth Systems     

Bernhard Hohmann , Merouane Debbah , Andreas Kröpfl

  • A Security-aware Routing Scheme in Sensor Networks for Healthcare Services      

Jaehyung Park

  • DinamapBP-Automatic Data Acquisition System for Clinical Trials

Dilshat Djumanov, Peter Dabnichki

  • Holistic Monitoring To Support Integrated Care Provision   

Nigel MBarnes, Andrew Reeves,

  • Decreased Long Term Variations of Heart Rate Variability in Subjects with Higher Self Reporting Stress Scores       

Yunhwan Seo, Desok Kim, Lizawati Salahuddin 

  • A Computer Assistant for Remote Collaborative Troubleshooting of Domestic Medical Instruments

Olivier Blanson, Mark Neerincx , Charles van der Mast , Lindenberg Jasper , Sawirjo Vanessa

  • ECG monitoring of cardiac patients at home: experiences with scenarios and signal processing methods     

Juho MMerilahti, Mark van Gils, Tuula Petakoski-Hult, Outi Kenta, Esko HyvĂrinen, Harri Kailanto, Jari Hyttinen 

  • Smart Environment Application Architecture        

Zigor Salvador

  • Design and Real Life Deployment of a Pervasive Monitoring System for Dementia Patients

Agnes Gruenerbl, Friedrich, Clemens Rodegast, Paul Lukowicz