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6th International Conference on Pervasive Computing Technologies for Healthcare

May 21–24, 2012 | San Diego, California, United States

List of Accepted Papers

Qiaojun Wang, Kai Zhang, Ivan Marsic and John K.J. Li. Patient-Friendly Detection of Early Peripheral Arterial Diseases (PAD) by Budgeted Sensor Selection

Sinziana Mazilu, Michael Hardegger, Zack Zhu, Daniel Roggen, Gerhard Troester, Meir Plotnik and Jeffrey Hausdorff. Online Detection of Freezing of Gait with Smartphones and Machine Learning Techniques

Thomas Frenken, Myriam Lipprandt, Melina Brell, Mehmet Gövercin, Sandra Wegel, Elisabeth Steinhagen-Thiessen and Andreas Hein. Novel Approach to Unsupervised Mobility Assessment Tests: Field Trial For aTUG

Aleksandra Sarcevic, Nadir Weibel, James Hollan and Randall Burd. A Paper-Digital Interface for Information Capture and Display in Time-Critical Medical Work

Folami Alamudun, Jongyoon Choi, Hira Khan, Beena Ahmed and Ricardo Gutierrez-Osuna. Removal of Subject-Dependent and Activity-Dependent Variation in Physiological Measures of Stress

Manuel Müller, Morgan Harvey, David Elsweiler and Stefanie Mika. Ingredient Matching to Determine the Nutritional Properties of Internet-Sourced Recipes

Jelena Mirkovic, Haakon Bryhni and Cornelia Ruland. A framework for the development of ubiquitous patient support systems

Enamul Hoque and John Stankovic. AALO: Activity recognition in smart homes using Active Learning in the presence of Overlapped activities

Amy Hwang, Khai Truong and Alex Mihailidis. Using participatory design to determine the needs of informal caregivers’ for smart home user interfaces

Konrad Tollmar, Frank Bentley and Cristobal Viedma. Mobile Health Mashups Making sense of multiple streams of wellbeing and contextual data for presentation on a mobile device

Sean Munson and Sunny Consolvo. Exploring Goal-setting, Rewards, Self-monitoring, and Sharing to Motivate Physical Activity

Danish Khan, Swamy Ananthanarayan, An Le, Christopher Schaefbauer and Katie Siek. Designing Mobile Snack Application for Low Socioeconomic Status Families

Adity Mutsuddi and Kay Connelly. Text Messages for Encouraging Physical Activity: Are they effective after the novelty effect wears off?

Marilyn McGee-Lennon, Aidan Smeaton and Stephen Brewster. Making Home Care Reminder Systems Personalisable: Lessons Learned Through Co-Design with Older Users

Karen P. Tang, Sen H. Hirano, Karen G. Cheng and Gillian R. Hayes. Balancing Caregiver and Clinician Needs in a Mobile Health Informatics Tool for Preterm Infants

Nazneen Nazneen, Fatima Boujarwah, Agata Rozga, Ron Oberleitner, Suhas Pharkute, Gregory Abowd and Rosa Arriaga. Towards in-home Collection of Behavior Specimens Within the Cultural Context of autism in Pakistan

Redjem Bouhenguel and Imad Mahgoub. A Risk and Incidence Based Atrial Fibrillation Detection Scheme for Wearable Heathcare Computing Devices

Aleksandar Matic, Venet Osmani, Alban Maxhuni and Oscar Mayora. Multi-Modal Mobile Sensing of Social Interactions

List of Accepted Posters

Young Seok Lee, Craig Garfield and Hyung Nam Kim. Self-Efficacy Theory as a Framework For Interventions That Support Parents of NICU Infants

Ming-Feng Wu and Chih-Yu Wen. A Novel Shuttle Walking Model Using Networked Sensing and Control for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease: A Preliminary Study

Nathan Michalik, Kelly Caine and Kay Connelly. Mobile Technology Ownership and Usage Patterns Among Patients Suffering from Depression

Elizabeth Bales, Nima Nikzad, Nichole Quick, Celal Ziftci, Kevin Patrick and William Griswold. Citisense: Mobile Air Quality Sensing for Individuals and Communities

Chien-Yen Chang, Belinda Lange, Mi Zhang, Phil Requejo, Noom Somboon, Alexander Sawchuk and Albert Rizzo. Towards Pervasive Physical Rehabilitation Using Microsoft Kinect

Mihail Popescu, Michael Moore, Benjapon Hotrabhavananda and Marjorie Skubic. VAMPIR- An Automatic Fall Detection System Using a Vertical PIR Sensor Array

Danish Khan, Katie Siek and Swamy Ananthanarayan. Towards Designing Health Monitoring Interfaces for Low Socioeconomic Status Families

Jesse Hoey, Xiao Yang, Eduardo Quintana and Jesus Favela. LaCasa: Location And Context-Aware Safety Assistant

Laura Pina, Ernesto Ramirez and William Griswold. Fitbit+: A behavior-based intervention system to reduce sedentary behavior

Elena Márquez Segura, Luis Márquez Segura and Clara López Torres. PhySeEar. Moving yourself to shine and sound in geriatric physiotherapy interventions.

Erik Stone and Marjorie Skubic. Passive, In-Home Gait Measurement Using an Inexpensive Depth Camera: Initial Results

Iván Zavala and Jesús Favela. Assesing muscle disease related to aging using ambient videogames