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6th International Conference on Pervasive Computing Technologies for Healthcare

May 21–24, 2012 | San Diego, California, United States

List of Accepted Exhibits & Demos

Estimating Nutrition Values for Internet Recipes. Manuel Müller, Stefanie Mika, Morgan Harvey, David Elsweiler

A Peer-Facilitated Diabetes Self-Care Management Support System using Mobile Telephony. Salys Sultan, Permanand Mohan

The Estrellita System A Health Informatics Tool to Support Caregivers of Preterm Infants. Sen Hirano, Karen P. Tang, Gillian R. Hayes

Mobile Stress Treatment: The Interstress Approach. Venet Osmani, Andrei Popleteev, Rosa Maimone, Silvia Gabrielli, Oscar Mayora

AffectAura: Emotional Wellbeing Reflection System. Daniel Jonathan McDuff, Amy Karlson, Ashish Kapoor, Asta Roseway, Mary Czerwinski

Context Classification during Blood Pressure Self-Measurement using the Sensor Seat and the Audio Classification Device. Stefan Wagner, Niels Holm Rasmussen, Peter Ahrendt, Thomas S. Toftegaard, Olav W. Bertelsen

ohmage: An Open Mobile System for Activity and Experience Sampling. Nithya Ramanathan, Deborah Estrin