Author’s kit


Our application for inclusion of the proceedings in the ACM Digital Library is pending. Regardless of the outcome, we ask that you prepare your submission using the ACM Author Kit to ensure a consistent submission format and to reduce future re-work if Pervasive Health is approved for inclusion in the Digital Library. 

Please prepare your paper using the 2-column format. View the ACM guidelines here, and please read the following instructions.

Please use the ACM_SigConf format. 

  • If you are using Word, please use the Interim template in the linked page. 
  • For authors using LaTeX, we recommend authoring using Overleaf, though you may also download the templates. Set the documentclass to sigconf. If you download the templates, please make sure to download the relevant fonts linked from the ACM guidelines. 

Please be sure to use a correct Category and Subject Descriptor in your paper. See the above guidelines for instructions and visit for more information.

Your paper must be submitted in PDF format. Please make the PDF accessible. This guide has some tips.

Please note that you will see a box at the bottom of the first page. This must remain in this location on your paper ie. at the bottom of the left column. This is the ACM copyright and document/conference identification.