Accepted papers

Main Track

“Enter Your Dinner Now!”: Uncovering Persuasive Message Attributes in Tracking Reminders that Motivate Logging Jin Kang and Lewen Wei
“Oh, I didn’t do a good job”: How objective data affects physiotherapist—patient conversations for arthritis patients? Ankit Gupta, Tim Heng, Chris Shaw, Diane Gromala, Jenny Leese and Linda Li
Adherence to Personal Health Devices: A Case Study in Diabetes Management Sudip Vhaduri and Temiloluwa Prioleau
Assessing Clinicians’ Reliance on Computational Aids for Acute Stroke Diagnosis Vishwajith Ramesh, Andrew Nguyen, Lisa Grega, Kunal Agrawal, Brett C. Meyer and Nadir Weibel
Bodeum: Encouraging Working Parents to Provide Emotional Support for Stay-at-Home Parents in Korea Seokwoo Song, Naomi Yamashita and John Kim
Connections and Disconnections between Online Health Information Seeking and Offline Consequences Yu Chi, Daqing He, Fanghui Xiao and Ning Zou
Daily journals : Extracting Insights for Well-being Deepa Tavargeri Adiga, Maitry Bhavsar, Unnati Palan and Sachin Patel
Data-Driven Implications for Translating Evidence-Based Psychotherapies into Technology-Delivered Interventions Jessica Schroeder, Jina Suh, Chelsey Wilks, Mary Czerwinski, Sean Munson, James Fogarty and Tim Althoff
Design and Care for Discordant Chronic Comorbidities: AComparison of Healthcare Providers’ Perspectives Tom Ongwere, Gabrielle S Cantor, James Clawson, Patrick C Shih and Kay Connelly
Design Opportunities and Challenges for App-Based Telemental Health Technologies for Teens and Young Adults Jessica Pater, Amanda Coupe, Andrew D. Miller, Lauren Reining, Michelle Drouin and Tammy Toscos
Design Space Analysis of Health Technologies for Families: A Systematic Review Jomara Sandbulte, Kathleen Byrd, Rachael Owens and John Carroll
Design to Eat Smart! A Design Framework for Pervasive Interventions of Eating Habits Zuoyi Zhang, Teng Han, John Swystun, Yumiko Sakamoto and Pourang Irani
Designing Everyday Conversational Agents for Managing Health and Wellness: A Study of Alexa Skills Review Ji Youn Shin and Jina Huh-Yoo
Emotional Alignment Between Older Adults and Online Personalities: Implications for Assistive Technologies Moojan Ghafurian, Jesse Hoey, Annika Ang, Daniel Tchorni, Mallorie Tam, Parteek Bal and Julie M. Robillard
Exploring Player Experience of an Augmented Puzzle and Wearables for Studying Interactions between Parents and Children with Down Syndrome Adrian Macias, Karina Caro, Luis A. Castro and Jose-Fernando Parra
Exploring the Use of Electronics to Customize Pervasive Health Technologies with Older Adult Crafters Ben Jelen, Olivia K. Richards, Samantha A. Whitman, Tom Ongwere, K. Cassie Kresnye and Katie A. Siek
Gym Usage Behavior & Desired Digital Interventions: An Empirical Study Meeralakshmi Radhakrishnan, Archan Misra, Rajesh Balan and Youngki Lee
Laughter as a Controller in a Stress Buster Game Gauri Deshpande, Sachin Patel, Sushovan Chanda, Priti Patil, Vasundhara Agrawal and Björn Schuller
Multimodal fusion of IMUs and EPS body worn sensors for scratch recognition Zygimantas Jocys, Arash Pouryazdan and Daniel Roggen
Open Speech Platform: Democratizing Hearing Aid Research Dhiman Sengupta, Tamara Zubatiy, Sean Hamilton, Arthur Boothroyd, Cagri Yalcin, Dezhi Hong, Rajesh Gupta and Harinath Garudadri
SleepApp: Providing Contextualized and Actionable SleepFeedback Ruth Ravichandran, Julie Kientz and Shwetak Patel
Sociotechnical Design Opportunities for Pervasive Family Sleep Technologies Anna Cherenshchykova and Andrew Miller
Supporting Caring among Intergenerational Family Members through Family Fitness Tracking Qingyang Li, Clara Caldeira, Daniel Epstein and Yunan Chen
The Thought Journal App: Designed to confront thoughts that influence sleep Begum Erten Uyumaz, Umut Uyumaz, Mili Docampo Rama, Sebastiaan Overeem, Jun Hu and Loe Feijs
Understanding Heavy Drinking Nights through Smartphone Sensing and Active Human Engagement Thanh Phan, Florian Labhart, Skanda Muralidhar and Daniel Gatica-Perez
Understanding Participant Needs for Engagement and Attitudes towards Passive Sensing in Remote mHealth Studies Samantha Kolovson, Abhishek Pratap, Sean Munson and Pat Arean
Understanding Reflection Needs for Personal Health Data in Diabetes Temiloluwa Prioleau, Ashutosh Sabharwal and Madhuri Vasudevan
Visualization as Intermediate Representations (VLAIR) for Human Activity Recognition Ai Jiang, Miguel Nacenta, Kasim Terzic and Juan Ye
What to Expect When You are No Longer Expecting: Information Needs of Women who Experienced a Miscarriage K. Cassie Kresnye, Mona Y. Alqassim, Briana Hollins, Maria K Wolters and Katie A. Siek

Design Contributions to Pervasive Healthcare Workshop

Opportunities for Collaborative Clinical Work: Predicting Relapse Onset in Bipolar Disorder from Online Behavior Blair, Johnna (Pennsylvania State University); Abdullah, Saeed (PennState)
Therapeutic Touch: Reactive Clothing for Anxiety Goncu Berk, Gozde (UC Davis, Design); Halsted, Tara (UC Davis, Design); Zhang, Ruoyu (Electrical and Computer Engineering); Pan, Tingrui (UC Davis, Biomedical Engineering)

Poster Track

Measuring Self-Esteem with Passive Sensing Bin Morshed, Mehrab (Georgia Tech); Saha, Koustuv (Georgia Tech); De Choudhury, Munmun (Georgia Tech); Abowd, Gregory D (Georgia Tech); Ploetz, Thomas (Georgia Tech)
Design implications for health technology to support LGBTQ+ community: a literature review Martinez, Taylor Schell (University of Michigan Flint); Tang, Charlotte (University of Michigan Flint)
Exploring the Challenges and Potential Alternatives of Insulin Pump Technologies Harper, Andrew (Georgia Institute of Technology); Aflatoony, Leila (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Integrating voice-assisted technology with an in-home sensor system: Exploring the development of a participant-based design study Park, Geunhye (School of Social Work, University of Missouri-Columbia); Robinson, Erin L (School of Social Work, University of Missouri-Columbia); Shalini, Shradha (Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of Missouri-Columbia); Skubic, Marjorie (Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of Missouri-Columbia); Markway, Brianna (Center for Eldercare & Rehabilitation Tech, University of Missouri-Columbia); Hill, Amanda (Center for Eldercare & Rehabilitation Tech, University of Missouri-Columbia); Lane, Kari (Sinclair School of Nursing, University of Missouri-Columbia); Rantz, Marilyn (Sinclair School of Nursing, University of Missouri-Columbia)
Will You Be My Quarantine: A Computer Vision and Inertial Sensor Based Home Exercise Syste Zhou, Lin (Digital Health Center, Hasso Plattner Institute, University of Potsdam); Albert, Justin Amadeus (Digital Health Center, Hasso Plattner Institute, University of Potsdam); Gloeckner, Pawel (Digital Health Center, Hasso Plattner Institute, University of Potsdam); Trautmann, Justin (Digital Health Center, Hasso Plattner Institute, University of Potsdam); Ihde, Lisa (Digital Health Center, Hasso Plattner Institute, University of Potsdam); Eilers, Justus (Digital Health Center, Hasso Plattner Institute, University of Potsdam); Kamal, Mohammed (Digital Health Center, Hasso Plattner Institute, University of Potsdam); Arnrich, Bert (Digital Health Center, Hasso Plattner Institute, University of Potsdam)
Self-prediction of seizures in drug resistance epilepsy using digital phenotyping: a concept study Moontaha, Sidratul (Hasso-Plattner Institute, University of Potsdam); Steckhan, Nico (Hasso-Plattner Institute); Surges, Rainer (University of Bonn Medical Center); Arnrich, Bert (Hasso-Plattner-Institute, University of Potsdam)
Pulse Transit Time Estimation for Blood Pressure Measurement in Patients Implanted with a Left Ventricular Assist Device Ahmad, Maged (OFFIS e.V.); Glitza, Jenny (OFFIS, e.V.); Muller-von-Aschwege, Frerk (OFFIS e.V.); Hein, Andreas (University of Oldenburg); Cauchi, Benjamin (OFFIS e.V.)
A Design Research Into the Needs of a Sleep Diary for Children Vacaretu, Tudor (Eindhoven University of Technology); Pillen, Sigrid (Sleep Medicine Center Kempenhaeghe); Overeem, Sebastiaan (Kempenhaeghe Sleep Medicine Research Centre); Visser, Thomas (Philips Design); Markopoulos, Panos (Eindhoven University of Technology)
Design and Evaluation of Mobile Mental Health Resource App for First Responders Crooks, Courtney (Georgia Tech Research Institute); Dhodapkar, Kunal (Georgia Institute of Technology); Feinberg, Rachel (Georgia Institute of Technology); Singh, Sonam (Georgia Institute of Technology); Ayala-Feliciangeli, Talia (Georgia Institute of Technology); Arriaga, Rosa (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Clothing Design with Wearable Device for Workers Safe Activity Eom, Ran-i (Research Institute of Human Ecology, Chungnam National University); Lee, Yejin (Department of Clothing & Textiles, Chungnam National University)
Streamlining the Prosthesis Fabrication Process Using 3D Technologies Wang, Weijia (The University of Melbourne); Chua, Chong Yan (The University of Melbourne); Dingler, Tilman (The University of Melbourne)
Machine Learning Approach for Motion Artifact Detection in Ballistocardiogram Signals Enayati, Moein (Mayo Clinic); Zanjirani Farahani, Nasibeh (Mayo Clinic); Skubic, Marjorie (University of Missouri)
TAMICA: Tailorable Autonomous Motivational Interviewing Conversational Agent Smriti, Diva (Drexel University); Shin, Ji Youn (Michigan State University); Mujib, Munif (Drexel University); Colosimo, Meghan (Drexel University); Kao, Tsui-Sui (Michigan State University); Williams, Jake (Drexel University); Huh-Yoo, Jina (Drexel University)
Personalized Decision Support in Emergency Care by Mining Electronic Health Records and Sensor Data Mertens, Steven (UGent)
Data-Driven Analysis of Parkinson’s Disease and its Detection at an Early Stage Talitckii, Aleksandr (Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology); Anikina, Anna (Skolkov Institute of Science and Technology); Kovalenko, Ekaterina (Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology); Mayora, Oscar (FBK); Osmani, Venet (Fondazione Bruno Kessler); Zimniakova, Olga (A.I.Burnazyan Federal Medical and Biophysical Center); Semenov, Maxim (A.I.Burnazyan Federal Medical and Biophysical Center); Dylov, Dmitry (Skoltech); Somov, Andrey (Autonomous Non-Profit Organization for Higher Education Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology)
MIND: A Tool for Mental Health Screening and Support of Therapy to Improve Clinical and Research Outcomes Zaman, Anis ; Kautz, Henry (University of Rochester); Silenzio, Vincent (Rutgers University)
Information Visualization for Diabetes Management: A Literature Review Zhang, Yixuan (Northeastern University); Parker, Andrea (Georgia Tech); Dunne, Cody (Northeastern University)
Challenges for the design of people-centered pharmaceutical packaging Forero, Monica (Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Escuela de Diseno Grafico, MG-Des, Profesor); Roman, Mauricio Salas (Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Escuela de Diseno Grafico, Estudiante); Sanchez, Brayan David (Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Escuela de Diseno Grafico, Student); Buitrago, Miguel Angel (Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Escuela de Diseno Grafico, Student)
Foodbot: A Goal-Oriented Just-in-Time Healthy Eating Interventions Chatbot Prasetyo, Philips Kokoh (Singapore Management University); Achananuparp, Palakorn (Singapore Management University); Lim, Ee-peng (Singapore Management University)

Workshop NEXT-COACH: Next Generation Virtual Coaching in Health

Promises of Anthropomorphism in Virtual Coaches: Current Research and Future Directions Kang, Jin (Carleton University); Wei, Lewen (Pennsylvania State University)
A Framework for Virtual Coaching & Counseling and Its Application to Opioid Use Disorder Varshney, Upkar (GSU); Bourgeois, Anu (Georgia State University); Singh, Neetu (University of Illinois at Springfield); Dube, Shanta (Georgia State University)
A Framework for Addressing the Risks and Opportunities In AI-Supported Virtual Health Coaches Baee, Sonia (Department of Engineering Systems and Environment, University of Virginia); Rucker, Mark (Department of Engineering Systems and Environment, University of Virginia); Baglione, Anna (Department of Engineering Systems and Environment, University of Virginia); Ameko, Mawulolo K. (Department of Engineering Systems and Environment, University of Virginia); Barnes, Laura (Department of Engineering Systems and Environment, University of Virginia)
How do Users interact with Mobile Health Apps? A Markov Chain Analysis Heyse, Joris (Ghent University); Vandewiele, Gilles (Ghent University); Ongenae, Femke (Ghent University); De Backere, Femke (Ghent University); De Turck, Filip (Ghent University)
Towards Autonomous Digital Health Coaching for Scalable Chronic Disease Prevention Nolting, Michael (OJO Preventive Health GmbH); Wittke, Ulf (OJO Preventive Health GmbH); Roth, Julian (OJO Preventive Health GmbH)