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8th International Conference on Pervasive Computing Technologies for Healthcare

May 20–23, 2014 | Oldenburg, Germany

General Chairs

Andreas Hein, OFFIS

TPC Chairs

Susanne Boll, OFFIS

Friedrich Köhler, Charité Berlin

Short Papers and Posters Chairs

Katarzyna Wac, Université de Genève

Young Seok Lee, Motorola

Demos Chairs

Ernö Kovacs, NEC Laboratories Europe

Workshops Chair

Lauren Wilcox, Georgia Institute of Technology

Doctoral Colloquium Chair

Katie Siek, UC Boulder

Medical Perspectives Chairs

Stefan Wagner, Aarhus University

Publication Chair

Heiko Müller, OFFIS

Publicity / Web Chair

Jochen Meyer, OFFIS

Heiko Müller, OFFIS

Local Hosts

Jochen Meyer, OFFIS

Albert Sill, University of Oldenburg